I went through a messy divorce, which was by far the hardest part of my life, even worse than losing my dad, yet I had moved on, remarried, and finally found happiness. However, my ex-husband remained a thorn in my side. Every move I made, he managed to complicate. He hadn’t been very involved in… Continue Reading →

You can’t be a mom

As I walk to my seat in my freshman Intro to English class, I feel this guy looking at me. I glance his way, and he is just smiling and kind of trying to make eye contact. I can tell that he is thinking of something to say. This should feel exciting. It is college…. Continue Reading →

24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I bet almost every mom right now is thinking about the arrival of the family Elf. It’s kind of exciting at first, and as moms, we have the best intentions of doing the Pinterest worthy Elf ideas, then after about a week of The Elf, we are counting down to the day Elf will make… Continue Reading →

Elf on The Shelf Week one

Hopefully you saw day one in the previous post. Here are some ideas to get you through the first week with your Elf. I try to mix the better ideas with the ones that are less work to keep it balanced. Day 2 A Naughty Nice Chart for the week. This is super easy to… Continue Reading →

Elf on the shelf Week 2

Well, planning ahead with our Elf has made my life much easier. I normally am so over it at this point, and want Elf to make his way back to the North Pole, but I am actually enjoying it this year! I can’t believe I said that! Honestly, I have slacked off a little on… Continue Reading →

The Last Days of Elf… Phew!

Ok! So I have to be honest. I have not committed to all of my ideas one hundred percent. I got a little lazy on a few of the nights. I promised 24 days of Elf, so here is the final round. Day 15 Lazy Day…Elf hid in the mini tree with a reindeer. You… Continue Reading →

Mom and Teacher During Covid-19 Pandemic

When you are a mom, you have to show up. A mom can’t look at her 7-year-old and say, “I can’t today.” She can’t tell her teenage son, “I can’t help you with your homework tonight.” A teacher can’t walk into the classroom and tell her students, “I’m having a hard time with everything, I… Continue Reading →

Week One Quarantine

My emotions are a paradox. I have this deep sense of gratitude and sadness at the same time. My days have changed tremendously in the past week. I went from a routine of teaching middle school kids about Language Arts and looking forward to spring break to homeschooling an 8th grader and a kindergartener, while making… Continue Reading →

A Boy without a Grandpa

When I found out that I was having a baby boy, to be honest, I was a little disappointed. We have always had girls in our family, and we were used to baby dolls and barbies around the house, not footballs and action figures or (what my mom likes to call them) scary guys. We… Continue Reading →

F#%@ IT

Being home for the summer has been a battle. I lost today! But everyone is happy! A post about a detailed day is coming soon.    Don’t judge me…I’m sure I’ll feel mom guilt soon and make a real dinner. #truth #parenting

Yeah, but She Doesn’t Work…

I have heard that so many times when talking to other moms about how I don’t feel like I am living up to my motherly duties. There is a divide between the working moms and the stay-at-home moms; who has it harder? Hands down, the stay-at-home mom. Not to sound like I hate being a… Continue Reading →

5 Tips #SurvivingParenthood

We all have it. There is no escaping it.  Mom’s have dreams and aspirations that are put on the back burner because raising children is all consuming. It is especially rough to live in an era where social media is the ultimate bragging playground. The mom guilt really sinks in when we scroll through Instagram… Continue Reading →

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