5 Years

5 Years 260 Weeks 1,825 Days ______________________________________________________________ 5 Years of milestones 5 years of holidays 5 years of not hearing your voice 5 years of needing advice, but not being able to ask 5 years of missing your hugs 5 years of grieving 5 years of wondering why death is so permanent 5 years of… Continue Reading →

A Shift in Hope

Hope is a funny thing. We have it. We lose it. Then we find something to be hopeful for again. Sometimes it is what gets us through the week, the day, the hour. We have this desire that something will turn out the way we want it to, yet, at times, it doesn’t turn out…. Continue Reading →

Dad’s Chicken Soup with Kluskis

It’s that time of year where everyone wants to make a change. We want to eat better, exercise, achieve our goals, and so on. We have been running on pure chaos since the holidays started, and now we are trying to get back into a groove. I like to start slow with getting myself together…. Continue Reading →

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