Colorado in the summer

Summit County Colorado July Family of 5 Kids 20,14, 6 $3000.00 Budget We ventured out west to end our summer break, and we thought that Summit County in Colorado would be a good choice for a family trip during the pandemic with a lot of social distancing options in the great outdoors. The most economical... Continue Reading →

Are You Putting Yourself Last?

Now that you have started journaling and are working on creating habits that help you understand more about yourself, set an intention to do something nice for yourself every day. Make YOU a priority. Don’t put yourself on the back burner. It is so easy to fall into that place where you commit to doing... Continue Reading →

Week One Quarantine

My emotions are a paradox. I have this deep sense of gratitude and sadness at the same time. My days have changed tremendously in the past week. I went from a routine of teaching middle school kids about Language Arts and looking forward to spring break to homeschooling an 8th grader and a kindergartener, while making... Continue Reading →

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