The Last Days of Elf… Phew!

Ok! So I have to be honest. I have not committed to all of my ideas one hundred percent. I got a little lazy on a few of the nights. I promised 24 days of Elf, so here is the final round.

Day 15

Lazy Day…Elf hid in the mini tree with a reindeer. You could just place him anywhere. He could go in a stocking, in a tree, by the presents, etc.

Day 16

We lucked out today with the first snow of the season! So Elf got all bundled up and left a note to dress warm and play in the snow! She thought Elf made it snow, which was pretty magical!

Day 17

With it being below freezing and snow on the ground, we are going to do a mini beach! Elf wants some sun! My daughter already has kinetic sand in the house, so I am just going to lay out a beach towel, some sand, sunscreen, and a mini beach umbrella (the kind that people put in tropical drinks)!

Day 18

Elf got into all of our baking supplies! He must be dropping a hint that he wants us to bake some cookies! Sprinkles of every color and chocolate chips are all over the counter! Elf is holding the sprinkles jars in his hands!

Day 19

Elf is going to work with daddy! I already have the jar, so he will be in the truck in the morning. There will be a note about how excited he is to spend the day with dad! Bonus: Dad takes our daughter to school, so Elf with get to see where she goes everyday. Also, this year, day 19 happens to be a Friday, so if we go somewhere fun and festive, Elf can tag along!

Day 20

Selfie Sunday! Elf will find my daughter’s Ipad and snap some fun selfies! Maybe even post something on Instagram! That’s totally up to you. You can go all out or just snap a quick pic!

Day 21

Today is a day of Giving! Elf has brought a gift that he would like you to donate to another family or to your church. I try to come up with ideas based on things that I already planned on doing. This will also teach your child a valuable lesson on giving back.

Day 22

Elf doesn’t think that my daughter’s room is very festive! He is going to add a little Christmas spirit and put up some decorations and lights! He also made a list of his favorite Christmas songs! He’d really like to have a little dance party in her room now that it is all set up!

Day 23

Santa is almost here! We need to get our Christmas cookies ready and our reindeer food! Elf wants to spend an afternoon baking. He is already into the tools and ingredients. I’m not super creative, but it would be cute if he had a little chef hat and apron.

Day 24

This is it! The final day of thinking about your special guest! Yay! He will not be here in the morning, but he can leave a special memory or trinket for your child. I will write a letter about all of the the things my daughter did to make me proud this year that she should continue to do!

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