Elf on the shelf Week 2

Well, planning ahead with our Elf has made my life much easier. I normally am so over it at this point, and want Elf to make his way back to the North Pole, but I am actually enjoying it this year! I can’t believe I said that! Honestly, I have slacked off a little on my first week, but my daughter hasn’t been disappointed. For example, instead of going on a big adventure to see Christmas lights, we walked around the neighborhood to see lights. My daughter loved it! So hopefully week two will be just as smooth.

Day 8

My daughter loves dolls, and she has a camping accessory kit. Just going to have her Elf, Mark, have a nice little camping night. You can use any toys that you have around the house and throw your Elf in the mix.

Day 9

Taco Tuesday! Elf has requested tacos for dinner. Just put the ingredients on the counter with a note.

Day 10

Family movie night! Elf can make some popcorn and bring some candy from the North Pole. Pick your favorite family Christmas movie and watch it together! I’d set your Elf somewhere so that he can see the movie too!

Day 11

Elf needs a bubble bath! Buy a package of white balloons and blow them up.Throw them in the tub and have your Elf “floating” in the tub.

Day 12

Family Game Night! Elf can set out a couple of your favorite games, and your child can choose his/her favorite game to play with the family. This is a great opportunity to have the whole family come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Day 13

I like to benefit from my Elf, so she often leaves notes that encourage responsibility. Elf is going to leave a special prize in the morning if he sees that my child’s room is clean! Win-Win! I picked up several small trinkets from The Dollar Tree to keep on hand for emergency Elf plans.

Day 14

Elf dance party! Put Elf by a radio or speaker. Have him write his favorite holiday playlist of songs! Play the songs and enjoy the music!

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