24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I bet almost every mom right now is thinking about the arrival of the family Elf. It’s kind of exciting at first, and as moms, we have the best intentions of doing the Pinterest worthy Elf ideas, then after about a week of The Elf, we are counting down to the day Elf will make his way back to the North Pole. Our Elf, Mark, has been coming to our home for 10 years, so I really have to get creative. I am not a planner, but this year, I am going to be prepared. We will see how it goes.

Also, my Elf arrives on December 1st. I know some elves make their way into homes the day after Thanksgiving, but mine has extra jobs at the North Pole.

I will post one idea a day that I took from different places. I will make it as easy as possible to incorporate ideas that will promote positive behavior, education, and family bonding, but won’t break the bank. The list might seem like a lot, but it will save a lot of stress over the next month.

Day 1

Elf is Here!

Shopping Checklist

  1. Christmas Book
  2. Stickers
  3. December Calendar with blank squares

I want to promote reading with my daughter, so Elf will arrive with a book and a reading calendar with stickers. My daughter’s task is to read a book a day until Christmas. This will help her stay on the Nice List.

This is one of our favorite Christmas books. What are some of your favorites?

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